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Abiding Dawn - Rema Hasumi's new Solo album


Released today is Rema Hasumi's Abiding Dawn.   This is Hasumi's third album as under her own name, and Ruweh's first album in our "At Home Series."  The album features Hasumi's layering of voice, piano and analog synthesizer in a gorgeous and deeply interior journey musical offering.   The track Monument Eternal connects to the influence of Alice Coltrane on her work, while opening and closing piano tracks speak to her personal connection to Masabumi Kikuchi's late work.  It's Hasumi's personal stamp that pervades throughout though, with a grace and honesty that is unmistakable.  The album was recorded and mixed by renowned guitarist Todd Neufeld, and provides an important step in Hasumi's discography and an opening for more "At Home" releases for Ruweh.

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