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"Ruweh Invites" at Spectrum Brooklyn

On April 10th 2018, we hosted “Ruweh Invites” at Spectrum that re-located itself in the quiet street of Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn. It was a night of three performances that featured artists from our label, each collaborating with another New York based musician. Somehow, the idea of having three sets of duos presented by each artists seemed appropriate for this occasion. Although they have played together in different band settings in the past, these specific duo configurations were somewhat or completely new for the artists. Duo can be quite challenging at times, as the interplay often gets very intimate and demanding. In the end, we shared the sound of deeply personal voices and conversations in various dimensions.

The first on the stage were Raphael Malfliet and Brandon Lopez. Malfliet played his electric bass guitar, while Lopez held onto his double bass, creating a spectrum of sound images between the two basses.

Rema Hasumi with Stomu Takeishi followed next. They have performed together in a trio setting with the drummer Flin van Hemmen about a year ago, but this time they explored even more sonic possibilities as a duo. Among the few songs they played were Hasumi’s compositions that she has worked on in the last year or two, where she transcribed her own piano and voice improvisations based around recitation of the writings by Samuel Beckett.

Lastly, guitarist Todd Neufeld was joined by Tony Malaby, an acclaimed reed player. The two delved into the layers of various textures and patterns in different directions.


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