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Rema Hasumi's "Billows of Blue" CD Release at the Owl

It’s been a year since Rema Hasumi’s “Billows of Blue” was released from our label. This is her second leader album, following her debut “Utazata” in 2016. Hasumi wrote compositions for “Billows of Blue”, with the idea of playing essentially free with a traditional piano trio setting, added with the presence of voice. Hasumi began playing with bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Randy Peterson in 2015, and pursued this collaboration since. Check out the video of her CD release show at the Owl from January 2017 and read some reviews on the album.

Dan Mcclenaghan from All About Jazz wrote, “those ‘stories’ sound like tales drifting out of a dream land: untethered to time and place, free-flowing and graceful, strikingly pretty, sometimes spooky, and starkly rendered” on his review. Read the full article .

And here is an excerpt from the review Eyal Hareuveni wrote on Salt and Peanuts. “If «Utazata» embodied extensive Japanese influence, «Billows of Blue references cosmic, free jazz, showing the seminal influence of such poetic composers-improvisers as Alice Coltrane and Annette Peacock and the work of fellow Japanese pianist Masabumi Kikuchi. The new album stresses even more the intimate, fragile atmosphere of the debut album, coloring it now with cosmic-mystical motifs.” Read the full article.

Purchase Rema Hasumi’s “Billows of Blue” here

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