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Rema Hasumi - pianist, vocalist

Rema Hasumi (蓮見令麻) is an exprimental pianist, vocalist, producer and writer who is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Hasumi was born in 1983 in Fukuoka, Japan, and moved to the United States in 2002 to pursue her passion for music, which was nurtured through more than ten years of classical piano study and the listening experiences of her audiophile parent's record collection at her young age.

Hasumi has performed at venues across NY, the United States and Asia.  In 2009 she performed at the Kennedy Center as one of the four finalists of Mary Lou Williams Women In Jazz Pianist Competition. More recently, upon invitation by acclaimed vocalist Jen Shyu, Hasumi presented her solo work "The Patterns of Duplicity" at a series of "Solo Rites" concerts by Ms. Shyu. The piece featured the poetry "Spring and Asura" (1925) by Kenji Miyazawa interpreted in multiple languages, exploring the possibilities of musical ideas unique and inherent to each language. Hasumi has also worked extensively as both pianist and vocalist in many other projects, including a series of collaborations with the saxophonist Darius Jones in which they performed the music of Alice Coltrane.  She has also worked as the vocalist in the guitarist Todd Neufeld's new two-drummer group.  Hasumi's new trio premiered in June 2015 in two nights of concerts in NYC. It featured compositions she wrote for piano and voice, performed alongside the great Randy Peterson and Masa Kamaguchi.

Her first record "UTAZATA" was released on May 3rd, 2015, from Ruweh Records. It features the highly sympathetic cast of Todd Neufeld (guitar), Thomas Morgan (bass), Billy Mintz (drums), and fiery guest musicians Ben Gerstein (trombone) and Sergio Krakowski (pandeiro).  The group interprets the themes of Japanese Gagaku and ritual music.  This record was made as a result of mindful searching on femininity, mythology and rituals in Japanese performing arts. Hasumi's new project ITAK Ensemble, the trio with Randy Peterson and Masa Kamaguchi is planned to be released in the winter of 2016.