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Raphael Malfliet - Noumenon

Raphael Malfliet - Noumenon

Track List

  1. Kandy
  2. My Name
  3. Kort
  4. Arcana
  5. Samen
  6. Rotation
  7. Boog (CD Only)

Ruweh 003

Raphael Malfliet       electric bass      
Todd Neufeld           electric and acoustic guitar
Carlo Costa              drums and percussion      


Produced by Raphael Malfliet and Todd Neufeld
Recorded November 2015 at Oktaven Audio
Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio
Mastered by Luis Bacque


  • "Sometimes ritualistic in its tension and hypnotic in its simplicity, sometimes radically disruptive, real intense." -Guy Peters for Enola
  • "It is music that has the aspiration to have silence and emptiness filled with  great sense. On a compositional level, this is a remarkable album." -Philippe Van De Cleen for Written In Music
  • "Such sound and sound diversity challenges the listener." -Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther for Jazz Halo
  • "Space is being built. Taste is similar to improvised music, but songwriting acts in a large sense are strongly added, creating a mysterious and fantastic space where genres can not be defined." Kanazawa Jazz Days
    • "Malfliet effectively moves in and out of dissonance, improvisation and fragmented melodies never leaving the continuity far behind. But this is not a collection for those who need to arrive at a specific destination; it is one for those who appreciate the new and strange discoveries along the way." - Karl Ackerman for All About Jazz 
    • Article and Interview with Raphael Malfliet by Rema Hasumi for Jazz Tokyo
      • "The result is an almost impressionist atmosphere, a mist that reveals a forms not easily to be uncovered. It's a great experience offered by a musician who can not be called a Kantian. Its Noumenon seems to have no limit, and offers us the opportunity to be caught by the abyss of the unexpected" - Franpi Sunship 
        • "Raphael makes personal revolution to the sound of the guitar trio and gives his bass guitar a a rol far more open which results in unusual interventions and tonal palettes" - Aldo Del Noce for Jazz Convention
        • "Raphael Malfliet in Noumenon , his debut album, has delivered an original, different and innovative work.  And he did it with the authority of one who is convinced that his dreams can transform reality."  Sergio Picirilli for El Intruso

        • "With the empathetic company of Neufeld and Costa, [Malfliet] has successfully arrived at a music that’s strikingly original in its blend of atmospherics and impressionistic melodic detail, balancing the noncorporeal sensitivity of musique concrète with the hands-on immediacy of rock music." -Tim Owen for Dalston Sound


        ***Available in 12" LP and CD as well as Flac and MP3 download***

        Electric bassist and composer Raphael Malfliet has discovered a new sound for the "guitar trio." Malfliet is a native of Belgium, and has focused the past years on contemporary composition technique and it's interactions with improvisation. His research into graphical scores by composers such as Morton Feldman, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gyorgi Legeti as well as his many years of involvement with the European, and more recently New York improvising communities, has led directly to his debut album, Noumenon. Finding partners of perfect simpatico, Malfliet uses the intensity and fearless intention of Todd Neufeld's guitar playing, as well as the rich and ego-less palette of Italian-born drummer/ percussionist Carlo Costa to perfect effect. The trio met in 2014 and explored improvisational possibilities.  But, in 2015, together in New York, through an extensive period of rehearsals and discussions, they developed a language for interpreting Malfliet's original compositions, culminating in an excellent analog tape recorded session in the winter months.  Each track on the resulting album explores different structures and angles of an overall unified and highly original artistic statement. Cover artwork is supplied by the famed Ethiopian-born, NY based visual artist Julie Mehretu.  Noumenon is an immersing sound world, full of beauty, intensity and surprise.



        Malfliet Trio in studio