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Sergio Krakowski - Pássaros : The Foundation Of The Island

Sergio Krakowski - Pássaros : The Foundation Of The Island

Track List

  1. Founding Chart
  2. Carrossel de Pássaros / Migration 3322_22322
  3. Path of Roses / Migration 434_323
  4. Choro de Baile / Migration 332_223
  5. Wayfaring Stranger - Ostinato
  6. Unveiling Chart

Ruweh 002

Sergio Krakowksi pandeiro
Todd Neufeld electric guitar
Vitor Goncalves piano


Recorded May 2015 at Cooper Studio
Engineered by Vinicius Castro
Mixed by Ryan Streber
Mastered by Luis Bacque 

    There are musicians who, in their time, don’t just play the music of their day but innovate, creating new sounds and ideas. Sergio Krakowski is in that category.” - Joe Nocera, The New York Times


    • "Together with guitarist Todd Neufeld and pianist Vitor Goncalves, Krakowski creates an enchanting soundscape... It is an album for both body and soul." -Jakob Baekgaard for AllAboutJazz
    • "You might first get an impression of the enhanced padeiro's rhythms and it's vibrations staging the rest of the sound scape, but as you listen further you will find the other aspect of this music: everyone influencing each other in different shapes and forms. It is almost mysterious the way each musicians play their instruments in each unique time feels, and how they intertwine with each other in very organic way." -Akira Saito for Jazz Tokyo
    • "This astonishing album that makes us curious.... Utazata and Pássaros [present very different music but] their goal is identical: to search for hybridization using economy of gestures, to reinterpret the roots in what they have of most essential in the sense of reseeding it. Restart from a sort of base to propose something else. To respect tradition by redressing it with new clothes. Not just by creating a 'new look', but by reintroducing new language to it...A solar and addictive album." -Franpi Barriaux for Sun Ship
    • "This experience of unexpected traits represents a fresco of contemporary creativity: among the most somber timbers of the chromatic scale and less heard pathways of the imaginative spectrum, the album isn't empty of surprise-dimensions, even less empty of groove which here is the main character and is shown in an explosive way, and of a certain (meta-)stylistic movement - beyond the individual art of Krakowski - that presents itself as an efficient medium and confirms itself as (further) revealing. " -Jazz Convention (Italy)
      • "A conceptually complete album with innovative language... It's a work in trio with the amazing Vitor Gonçalves and Todd Neufeld that creates a continuous narrative which sustains alive the attention of the listener from the first to the last note. Krakowski shows an extraordinary maturity." - Italian Drumset Magazine 



        Sergio Krakowski is a one of a kind musician, hailing originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and currently settled in New York City.  Sergio plays the pandeiro, a traditional brazilian drum/ tambourine, and plays it like no other.  His deep, open and imaginative sense of tradition has led him to unique explorations with the pandeiro, and collaborations with such legendary and wide-ranging artists as Maria Bethania, Edmar Castaneda, Cyro Baptista, Anat Cohen, Dave Binney and many more.

        Krakowski's current trio was formed in the fall of 2013.  The trio consists of the amazing Vitor Goncalves, also from Rio but based in NYC, on piano and Todd Neufeld on guitar, himself a fundamental part of the NYC improv and experimental scene.  Through two years of concertizing and group research, the trio followed Krakowski's vision of rhythmic metamorphosis, and suite-like approach to original and folk song material.  The resulting record "Pássaros : The Foundation of the Island" is a work of remarkable creativity and artistic maturity.  Making the unique pandeiro-guitar-piano configuration sound completely seamless and natural, the trio takes the listener on an uninterrupted 42 minute suite that ranges from Krakowski's original "Carrosel de Pássaros" and samba based "Choro de Baile" to polyrhythmic arrangements of the America folk song "Wayfairing Stranger."  Goncalves holds down double duty of bass figures, harmonic support and virtousic solos, Neufeld brings fiery melodic presentations and edgy solos, while Krakowski's grooves, rhythmic counterpoint and intensity drive the whole motion.  Recorded in one uninterrupted live set, the beautifully recorded album is a deep artistic document, by one of today's rhythmic and conceptual leaders, with a band of ambitious musical creators.