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Todd Neufeld - Mu'U

Todd Neufeld - Mu'U

Track List

  1. Dynamics
  2. Echo's Bones
  3. Entrance
  4. C.G.F.
  5. Contraction
  6. Taunti
  7. Novo Voce
  8. Kira
  9. Nor

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Todd Neufeld           electric guitar
Thomas Morgan      acoustic bass
Tyshawn Sorey        drums, bass trombone (5 and 7)
Billy Mintz               drums, congas (2)
Rema Hasumi          voice (2, 5, 7, 8) 


Recorded October 2016 at Sear Sound
Engineered by Aya Merrill
Mixed by Owen Mulholland
Mastered by Luis Bacque
Album artwork from Swindon Viewpoint
Design by Karol Stolarek





*** Pre-order now. Album will be released and shipped on September 25th! ***

"Mu'U" is the much-awaited debut of guitarist and composer Todd Neufeld.  With a completely singular voice on the guitar, Neufeld's approach to the instrument and interpretive sense explores deeply subtle shadings of musical locations -- neither here nor there, but tender explorations in-between and on the edges of expectation.

Through his participation in Tyshawn Sorey's Koan and Oblique-I albums, his extended relationship with the late legendary Japanese pianist Masabumi Kikuchi, and his playing under bandleader ranging from Lee Konitz to Tony Malaby, Neufeld has honed his improvising and interpretive conception.  But, it isn't until "Mu'U" that the listening public can hear his vision as a leader.

The album features a deep and broad range of musical terrain.  For the journey Neufeld enlisted a special ensemble of players in this unique two-drums ensemble, all of whom with he shares a long-standing relationship.  The infamous Tyshawn Sorey himself participates on drums and in a rare performance on bass trombone.  Billy Mintz, a veteran poet-drummer fills the other drum chair.  Mintz and Sorey occupy polar drum conceptions, yet have a deep core and overlapping intuitive priority to sound, space and silence.  The combination and interplay is magical.  On bass is Thomas Morgan, an already legendary player with whom Neufeld has been playing for over 15 years, in duo, trio, with Kikuchi, Sorey and many other settings.  Finally, the voice of Rema Hasumi brings a deep centering presence to the proceedings.  Her recitations on "Contraction" as well as vocal performances on "Echo's Bones," "Novo Voce" and "Kira" all give a unique expanse and signature to the music. 

Finally, it's Neufeld's guitar whose play between lyricism and grit leads the turns and bursts of the music.  "Mu'U" is a deeply personal and ambitious album from a new leader in today's music.


Todd Neufeld pic